About Us

Our team consists of UX-UIdesigners, web developers and other IT specialists, who have put their minds together to build innovative and functional websites. Our services cover every step of the process from the idea and design to forms and payment gateways.

Our company was founded in Yakutsk in 2012. For the past 9 years we’ve been helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to digital using our expertise in web-developing, cloud technologies and hosting. Whether you provide services or sell commodities online, we are ready to bring our resources to thrive your organization. Contact us for more details about cooperation.







Our values

Since 2012 we created more than 500 websites. We really have a goal to be a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and companies. We want to continue to cooperate with them and help them achieve their business goals by bringing our knowledge, experience, skills in digital technologies and user experience
Time is the value

This is what we think about projects and our attitude to work. That is why we set a start and a due date for each task, so our clients can be sure about their project

Team collaboration

We truly believe in a team collaboration between inside of our company and outside of it. We choose open and honest communication inside with our clients. We are always ready to explain our decisions and actions to avoid uncertainty in our communication. It also helps us provide constructive feedback and stick together to achieve our goals